Do you know who do you trust your money?

No – I mean really – who DO you trust your money? To a renowned Bank with highly educated clerks? Ok. Who else?

Now I can see a little cloud on the top of your head, asking: what does he mean by trusting my money? I don’t trust it to anybody else!

The fact is that – yes – we all think that way at the beginning. But what if I tell you that most of your money is in the hands of poorly educated, low motivated and not skilled people who see their job (of keeping your money, providing the ROI and making you Profit) as a temporary one until they find a real job?

Yes, that’s your reality. And I must have scared the shit out of you know, right? Those people are called Sales People! Now I see a new cloud over your head, arguing: „I didn’t give those people any of my money!“, and I’ll tell you that you’re very, very far from the truth.

’Cause you’ve invested in your Retail Shop(s), right? And in the stuff that you sell in it, too. So, basically, what you have in your shop is your money, only in another form. And this money shall bring you more money. That’s ROI plus Profit. With a capital P! So, if you just look at it this way, you can say that, if you, for example, sell shirts, the price of this shirt contains your investment (cost of the goods), plus the expected Profit money (not to mention the other costs it should pay).

Your money, dude! And who do you trust it? To your Sales People, of course!

Now – let’s make a short exercise.

Calculate (don’t need to do it very precisely) how much money have you invested in all the goods on your shelves and in the warehouse? Tens of thousands of Euro or Dollars? Even more? Ok. Write this figure on a piece of paper. Imagine the suitcase filled with that amount of money. Got it? Right.

Now – imagine giving that suitcase to your Sales People. Those are the people that will have to not only give this amount of money back in a few months but make you a Profit, too. Yes, the same people you see in your shop(s) every single day. And just be honest – would you REALLY give them any money and REALLY expect them to give it back with the Profit? Not in a million years, right?

So – what’s the solution?

The solution is, as Rihanna would say – work, work, work… WITH them. First – pick them very carefully and then educate to become the people who you would trust your money for real. Don’t take anything for granted, be very serious about everything that concerns them. And never forget that they are the most important of all of your employees. They’re on the first line, bringing your ROI and Profit. Or not.