Retail is detail. We help you make all the details PERFECT!

Boostowski - Performance Support System for the Retail

Let everyone work toward your common Goal (Operational Efficiency)

Reach a higher level of Operational Efficiency with our System, through:

Fully digitized Store Visits

Store Visit Follow Up and (individual, group) Action Plan

Merchandising Compliance module

Insight into every store's situation

Make your Sales Plan work. Every Day! (Sales Plan Implementation)

Our System enables you to:

Crunch monthly Sales quota into daily ones in a glimpse

Communicate all the KPI targets with your Salespeople on a daily level

Give your Salespeople information about the execution every day

Make corrections of the daily KPIs if they are behind the goal

Crunching a big goal into comprehendible, daily goals gives much better results in sales.

Let your new colleagues feel welcomed and empowered in a week (Quick and Effective New Employee Enablement)

Our System enables you to:

Shorten the time that new employee needs to reach an average Conversion Ratio

Motivate newcomers - they will reach their Bonuses quicker

Reduce Churn Rate - if new employees reach their Bonuses quicker, they

High Employee churn rate is dangerous because it lowers the shop's Conversion Ratio. And if this KPI is lower than usual, you have to invest much more money in marketing (you need more visitors to keep the same Sales Result).

Make your Employees proud of themselves! (Continuous Competence and Business Improvement)

Our System is all about continuous learning. Your Salespeople will learn only:

What they really need

At the time when they need it

Someone once said that you can't improve your Company. You can just improve people who will improve your company. And that's exactly what you will be able to do with Boostowski.

Let your Employees know you care (Employee Engagement, Collaboration and Motivation)

According to Researches, 70% of Sales Assistants are not motivated. The factors they blame for this are:

Low salaries

Lack of support and communication with the management

Our System deals with both of these problems. We help them reach their Bonuses and give you the Tool for much better communication with them.

How Boostowski helps solve most of your problems

Sales Director

The Sales is unpredictable, high staff churn rate is worrying me


The Margins are shrinking and lots of goods remain unsold (Cash Flow problem). I can't imagine how much sales we miss by this high employee churn rate!


I can't show the impact my work (and my costs) have on the business results

Visual Merchandiser

I need to enable staff to keep VM compliant. This way I'm losing too much time

Store Manager

I don't have the time, nor knowledge to develop my salespeople. And I spend too much time onboarding new ones

Sales Assistant

I often don't know how to overcome a problem and I feel left alone 'cause noone has the time to train me




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