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Boost your retail business
Stop shrinking margins
How it works?
It behaves like a perfect sales manager
It sets daily KPIs
Automatically transfers monthly sales targets into daily KPI targets.
Gives real-time feedback
The App informs your employees how far from the target they are, on each KPI.
Sygnalizes about performance gaps
The App „tells“ your employees what they should improve.
It trains
The employees can watch bite-sized tutorials to improve on specific performance gap(s).
It motivates
Through gamification model, employees are encouraged to align with company goals.
Re-calculates KPIs
Automatically recalculates KPIs during the month in order to meet company goals.
Mobile App
It’s used by your Sales People to see their daily targets, track their own performance, learn, earn awards and develop while having fun!

See your goals for today and try to accomplish them for bonuses.
Check your results from yesterday.
Watch and learn from bite-sized videos, complete tests and win Stars.
Win stars and spend them on various awards.
Web App
It is used by Sales Management and HR to monitor Sales People achievements and upload training videos

Boostowski team can provide custom trainings for your company
We can create a set of Sales Training videos aligned with your product, strategy and company culture.
Choose a desired plan that fits your company
per store

Less than 50 stores
per store

From 51 to 100 stores
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More than 101 stores